Devonport, Auckland

detailed insight into the local property market


I have a passion for property, and combine this with a fascination with data and analytics. So as a Devonport resident I decided I'd provide current and future Devonport locals with a monthly report as to the local property market in the belief that greater insight should help people make better decision in their next move.

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Monthly reports

Each month I collate and analyse the data of the local property market and produce a simple report - please feel free to read, share and comment


Key Charts

A collection of regularly updated charts showing the key trends of the property market in Devonport by segment of the market

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Articles and things I have a fancy to share, likely as not about property and certainly about Devonport

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I'm an amateur photographer and love to photograph as I walk around the streets of Devonport with our two dogs. I'm happy for you to share them if you want - it's just a hobby to me!